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Guru Geri on Tonga

In October 2009 I flew to Tonga for a few days (5) during a business trip to New Zealand. I stayed in a room at the International Dateline Hotel in Nuku'alofa (capital) on Tongatapu (main island). Was ok, during the day on Fafa Island with chair directly at the coral reef a conference tape typed, with WLAN connection and nice view. In the evening on Fia Fia and one day island tour with a very talkative and knowledgeable driver. We visit the coral cave with swallows with saliva nests (Japanese delicacy), the Cook landing site, the stone monuments of unknown origin and production (like stone hedges). Everything is very exciting, even if the island is very small and everything can be travelled in one day very easily.  After 5 days back to New Zealand. Now I have been both to the place of the world where the day ends (Samoa) and where it begins.
Was very relaxing and idyllic. I wouldn't have wanted to live there, but working there for a few days is not bad. While I was there, there was a tsunami that flooded Samoa and the Tonga island Niua and caused many deaths and damage. In Nuku'alofa there was a lot of excitement, but only a small wave. On an island like Fafa it would not have been possible to run away, because it is only 10 ha big and max. 1 m above sea level. Klaudia had worried a lot because she couldn't reach me by phone. But that was a telephone problem.

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