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Guru Geri in South Korea

On our Asia trip in 2011 Klaudia and I were in South Korea for 11 days, especially in Seoul. I was at all the events of the 17th OWC and the attached meetings including ISOFAR where I was elected to the Executive Board. We liked Seoul and the events very much, the people friendly, optimistic and the atmosphere positive dynamic. The weather was good (September) and the time was entertaining. One day on an excursion to eco-producers, one day on the border to North Korea (Demilitaired Zone DMZ) and one day jogging along the bank of the mad skyscraper front. Accommodation was in the centre and public transport is excellent,

  • In 2012 I spent 5 days in Cheonan at Chumbuk University for lectures at eco symposia and ISOFAR board meetings. Was a short trip in September, only one day excursion and one day school garden in Seoul inaugurated. A busy country that likes to have lots of electricity: in the cars and in the hotel rooms. Something always flashes and piips. 
  • Three times in South Korea in 2014: once in April, once in August and once in November. In Cheonan and Chumbuk Province, this time in preparation for the World Organic Expo, which ISOFAR is organising with the provincial government in 2015. Was there 5, 7 and again 7 days. Unfortunately, in April there was a very tragic ferry accident (more than 400 young people drowned), which has clouded the mood in the whole country. In August it only rained. In November a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the RDA.
  • 2015 in June for 8 days in South Korea. First held in Seoul IFOAM world board meeting, then D-100 opening of the International Organic Expo in the main square of the capital as chairman speech. Three days in Chumbuk Province with eco (IFOAM Asia) and most beautiful eco facilities viewed: Hansalim (cooperative 1300 producers - 500.000 consumers, Jang-an Organic farm, Soil research centre.
  • In September he was chairman of 1st ISOFAR International Organic Expo in Goesan and Seoul. The Expo opened, an ISOFAR Symposium was held and with many friends I lived out my presidential role ISOFAR. A total of 1 million guests came to the Expo, which cost 14 million euros. Great and unique event.
  • In 2019 again in South Korea, IFOAM world board meeting in Goesan (7 days). Slept one night in the transit hotel at Incheon, not bad (on my way back from Palau to Germany).
  • 2022 I have organized 5 scientific workshops attached to the 2nd Organic Expo. It was not as vibrant like 2015, but ISOFAR and the science participants where the best in mood and content. 7 days I have been there.
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