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Guru Geri in East Frisia

I am born and grown up in East Frisia, the area close to the Dutch border. My childhood was lonely but nature related. On a farm you have always so many thinks to see and thoughts to be thought. I remember my play with livestock, had my own rabbit stable, climbed on any tree and played with the little number of toys. After my secondary school I moved to Jever, in Friesland. There were other pupils, with long hair and crazy ideas. I became a left oriented idealist and environmentalist. With 19 years I left East Frisia and moved to Hannover, but never lost my roots.

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Guru Geri, the private 

Family and living places are the most important things in my life. Some pictures tell a little about these.

(For more infos see also the pages Germany and East Frisia.)

My family

America in East Frisia (1962 - 1980)

Hannover: 1980 - 1982