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Guru Geri in Costa Rica

In September 2008 for 6 days at BCS in Costa Rica. This inspection body has its regional office for North and Central America in San Jose. With the staff Humberto and Julia Gonzales they drove 4 days through the country and watched organic pineapple, sugar cane and banana cultivation. A tropical, hot, wet and mountainous and coastal country with many beauties. The rainforest is still visible in many places and there are many nature reserves. After all, Costa Rica is particularly valuable with 0.2 of the world's land area but 5% of the world's biodiversity. In contrast, San Jose is rather normal and boring. City stroll through the markets and again and again driven through, otherwise I did not see much of the city. I didn't make it to the coast, which was quite good, as hot and humid as it was.

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