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Guru Geri in Liberia

In 2023, I was 4 days in Liberia, coming from the triangle border Guinea, Ivory cost and Liberia, on the tour to Sierra Leone via Monrovia. I passed the second biggest rubber plantage, owned by Firestone. Monoculture after deforastation of the rainforest, and planting of rubber trees. A strange trick in global issues: destroying rainforest, and earn carbon credits with replantation. 

In Monrovia, I have visited Providence island, the first stepstone of the homecoming freedman from the USA in 1822 and established a free nation Liberia in 1847. I 2017, the island was successless nominated as UN world heritage site. UN has supported restauration and historical presentation of the island in 20. But: The site was dirty, damaged and ignored. The national museum was the same. At the least, my "take home message" from Liberia was, that 150 years of a free Liberia have not created a strong and wealthy nation. Very sad and disappointing.

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