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Guru Geri in Russia

First I was in the biggest country on earth: 1983, on the flight to Thailand. The cheapest flight was with Aeroflot, two days stay in Moscow at their expense in an acceptable hotel and visas for the city and surrounding area. As Soviet Union, the country was still much larger than today's Russia, which is still the largest country, even if very large countries have split off. Some travelled around, before they went on to Thailand. 

  • On Asian flights I still landed in some cities from time to time, if I flew with Aeroflot, but where, I don't know that either. I couldn't read the names, mostly it was in the night.
  • In 2007 I was on a stopover to Kyrgyzstan for several hours at the boring international airport. The coffee cost 5 € and the style and the infrastructure still seems like under Soviet times. The handling of the passengers is bad.
  • 2014 again at the airport in Moscow. But only half a day. Then onward journey to Mongolia. The trade war with the West because of Ukraine was not yet established.
  • Also in 2014 in Krasnodar (east of Crimea: this year just connected to Russia after referendum) stoppedover. Because they didn't manage the transit to the onward flight (door was locked at 1 o'clock at night, doorkeeper already at home), I had to enter Russia to leave around the corner again (a wall). It was a hell of a spectacle for the border guards. But everything worked out. But I don't have to land there again.
  • 2019 I drove with Klaudia and Kim from Gdansk to Riga via Kaliningrad, passing the Kurische Nehrung to Lithuania: 1 day transit was possible for 500 Euro 3 people and long procedures at the border.
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