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Guru Geri in Afghanistan

2024 I was 8 days in Afghanistan, visited Kabul, the Buddha-statues in Bamian, Mazar-e-Sharif and the NP Band-e-Amir. These days were another insight of reality vs. third party information. Friendly and hard working and living people under harsh conditiions. 

The women are treated not well with extraction from public life, but I have seen it not as harsh as it was in my expections. The agriculture was so well done, despite all economic and ecological challenges. Gardening and orchards in the valleys are tine and competent. The mountainous landscape is difficult to pass by car, due to the bad conditions of the roads.

Most impressive were the ploughing in the NP Bend-e-Amir on 3000 m asl with oxen, in marvellous landscape and great plains.

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