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Guru Geri in Romania

After it failed in 2007, in 2008 I went with Klaudia via Hungary during the summer holidays to Romania, with our old bus. Since 10 months Romania is a member of the EU (quite heterogeneous the EU). Via Arad, then to Sibiu, today's Subiu (a beautiful city). Further through the South Carpathians, the East Carpathians (beautiful landscape) and the cities Brasov, Galati and some more. Have visited the presumed castle of Dracula (castle Bram near Brasov) ) and his native town Sighisoara. I have been there for a total of 7 days. Beautiful wooden houses, slow streets, still much to repair, nice and diligent people, still a lot of horse work and a rich biodiversity. The agriculture lies between medieval and medieval, very heterogeneous and culturally rooted, but very beautiful. I especially liked the open-air museum ASTA. I made a detour to the Republic of Moldova. Here at the castle Bram in central Romania (actually Walachia and not Transylvania) Dracula is said to have started as a vampire on his bloodsucker tours in the 15th century.
In 2010 I spent 7 days with Klaudia in Bucharest at the 15th CIEC World Conference (Moderation Organic fertilizer session). Very pleasant, comfortable and simple. There I visited the Chauchescu Palace, the 2nd largest building in the world (35 ha base). Very impressive and megalomaniac: it goes down in history. Also the castle of the 1st king Charles the 1st in Sinaia was impressive.

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