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Guru Geri in Slovenia

Yugoslavia 1980 that what was then under Tito still strictly Soviet-dependent. Entry was not that easy and Bakshish was common. The passage to Greece had to take place over the Autoput. The distance was much driven on and very ailing. On the first Tramptour Michael and I had to change more frequently the car. In Lubljana, Zagreb, at the Plitwitzer lakes, Belgrade, Skopje and in between we stopped. In total we spent one week there. Especially the Plitvice Lakes (where the Karl May movies were shot) fascinated me a lot. We slept in the most impossible places in concrete pipes at the street, in new houses or simply at the street. The return trip we made with a Rainbow bus, that went substantially faster.
During the second transit with the train in 1983 we didn't notice much, because it went overnight. But we could (with Barbara, Sabine) experience the sluggish train. Almost two days through the country. We did not come back through Yugoslavia.

The third tour with Gundi in 1988 was also one week long. We drove again to the Plitvice Lakes, to Split, Niz, Dubrovnik, through Belgrade and other cities and landscapes. But the people were very reserved, at a lake our car was broken open (but nothing got out, because there was nothing valuable in it). The return trip was rather not exciting. We drove through fast.

After many wars in the 90's (the last war in Europe) Yugoslavia today merged into five other states: Slovenia (now a member of the EU25), Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Macedonia. Germany has military control in Bosnia.

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