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Guru Geri in Sri Lanka

In November 2013 made a small stop (3 days) in Sri Lanka (Colombo), passing through from Saudi Arabia to Bangkok. It was - as expected - hot, sweating while going for a walk and otherwise having the impression of a friendly, small and unfortunately poor country. 
2014 Stopover with one overnight stay (2 days) on the way to the Malidives and back and in 2015 again on the way back a stopover to India (2x entered (2 days stopover)). Afterwards 8 days in the very south with rental car and a nice accommodation on the beach to Tangalle in Grand Karma Guesthouse, very nice, lonely. Especially I found that instead of elephants or deer the peacocks were signposted as danger for the traffic, on the new motorway from Colombo to Matara.

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