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My Chinese Horoscope: Tiger

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Positive qualities: Honest, generous, brave, strong leader
Negative properties: Bossy, egocentric, undecided, irritable

"The tiger is rebellious and undisciplined. Its being is heated and rebellious. He is subject to no one, always ready to fight, foolhardy and daring. He waves the flag of the revolution, he is a battle leader, a boss, a leader. But like most leaders, he does not always deserve the trust he is given. When he blows to attack, whether in war, business, or love, one would be well advised to first consider thoroughly whether to follow him, and sometimes one should hold him back by force, for he could plunge his followers into misfortune. His daring is unrestrained and borders on carelessness.
It is difficult to resist his attraction. His authority is so natural that it gives him a certain prestige. He obtains constant obedience, but never lets himself be commanded. He is accustomed to being obeyed, and no one would dare to resist him. Even his enemies, who want to destroy him, worship him. If he manages to control himself, to think before he acts, if he listens to good advice and takes care, he can achieve great success.
He can sacrifice himself for a cause with all his untameable ferocity and fighting spirit and will not shy away from death. On the other hand, he is stubborn, obstinate, domineering, sometimes petty and always has someone as his enemy. In small things he is selfish, but he can be selfless and generous. He does not trust anyone. He always storms ahead, against order and law, against bourgeoisie and reaction, against society, church, state ... against the establishment. And yet it can happen to him that he delays a decision until it is too late.
The tiger can successfully exercise all professions that require daring and in which he has no superiors. Army leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs ... and also gangsters. Also the tigresses climb gladly on the barricades in order to fight for new ideas or against injustice. Money doesn't interest him, but he can bring it to great wealth. Extraordinary events and unexpected situations characterise the tiger's life. And everywhere danger lurks.
However behind its violent and militant temperament hides itself, much tenderness, sensibility and a tendency to brooding. He is capable of great, true love, but he rarely finds happiness because he is too passionate. The tigress has numerous love adventures that often end unhappily.
The noble and honourable horse, the powerful and balanced dragon, the faithful and just dog can be good partners. He should avoid the snake. It is clever and does not show him any understanding. The monkey is too clever and cunning and would have an easy game to deceive him, be it in love or in business relations. Under no circumstances should he get involved with the buffalo. The stronger buffalo would fight him relentlessly until destruction. If a tiger and a buffalo live in the same house, then the tiger must disappear, if his life is dear to him.
Also with the cat the tiger does not get along well. In a folktale it is told, how the cat lures the tiger at a tree, quickly climbs up, while the heavy tiger remains below, and throws him her rubbish on the mouth. However, it will never come between them to the open quarrel, because, after all, they are related.
The first stage of life will run quietly and without difficulties. The second, however, is stormy and moved. Money worries, lovesickness, marital conflicts, family quarrels, nothing is spared him. If he does not succeed in mastering his problems, they will still cause him problems in the third phase of his life. His old days will be peaceful and quiet - if he experiences them.
However, the tiger's life can be completely different. It depends on whether he is born during the day or at night. The tiger born in the night, especially at midnight, has nothing to fear. He is in security, at night he is king in his empire, and his life is calmer, more peaceful. If, however, he is born after sunrise or even around noon, he will live constantly in danger. Hunting, rushing, rushing and hunting. In any case, however, the tiger knows no boredom, and whether he is born day or night, his life will never be really quiet. And he doesn't want it either. He loves the eventful, dangerous, diversified life, and his daring courage will always tempt him to risk it recklessly.
But the luck stands by the tiger. Certainly he needs it more than all the others, but nobody has luck like him! For the peoples of Asia the tiger is a special sign. He embodies strength and courage, highest power and protection for the life of man.
A tiger in the house expels the three big dangers: Robber, fire and evil spirits. But only a tiger! If there are two, one must disappear."

Well, have fun with me.
My goal: On the gravestone should read: "He had fun, but good that he is gone!"