That's my life ...

Guru Geri, the sportler

I was never a good Sportler, but did a lot of sport. As young boy I was playing foot ball (soccer). Not in clubs but with friends. Nearly every school break, afternoons, and weekends me and my friends run after the ball on pastures, streets, and parking places. With 14 I lost the interest and have left sport for a while beside other activities. With 28 I started again to be active and did running, and finished 3 marathons (Hamburg 1991: 3 hours 46 minutes, Frankfurt 2001 and 2002: 4 hours 11 minutes) and several half-marathons (mainly in Oldesloe at the Travelauf: best time 1:49). I did diving, biking, flying (Katana-plane license, paragliding: both I gave up due to time lack: very sorry).