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Guru Geri in the United States of America

I was in the USA for the first time in 1985. I flew with Stefan Wenzel to New York. Then with the Greyhound bus to Flagstaff, where we hiked into the Grand Canyon. After the Grand Canyon we unfortunately had to go to jail for a week because we had done shop lifting (eating apple and biscuits in the supermarket, Stefan said that one might be in the USA, would be petty larceny, he was wrong). 
Then on to San Fransisco, where we had acquaintances in the gay scene. There we stayed overnight and enjoyed the life of this city. In Monterrey Stefans sister visited, who made there a pair. Hitchhiked in all the national parks Yosemite, redwoods (Sequoia). We drove back with a car, which we should transfer to New York. We drove through Death Valley, Rocky Mountains, Kansas, Chicago, Niagara Falls. In New York we found out that people were very afraid.
With Klaudia I made 1990 honeymoon in the USA. We flew to Miami. There we rented a car and drove through the country. Altogether it was the most terrible trip with Klaudi. She was already pregnant, we just didn't know. She didn't want to eat anything (no meat, and that in the USA) and didn't feel well. We drove 13000 km in three weeks, via New Orleans, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Karlsbad Caverns, Blue Mountains, Atlanta, Houston, Oklahoma to look for food. I didn't take any pictures because the camera was stolen on the first evening. Otherwise we saved money, didn't have a credit card yet, fatal in the USA.

In 2001 I landed once in LA, on the flight to Samoa. In August 2006 I was in Minneapolis on an eco-animal conference. This state is most comparable to Northern Europe. All very car-emphasized. I was also in New York in 2006, for one day. Really a lively city, apparently only I got older. After all, it was the last time I was here over 20 years ago. Otherwise I don't like the USA: the culture (if it is to be called so) is terrible (everywhere McDoof and arrogance). The isolated landscapes do please. Above all, I don't like the American culture very much. I am happy to live in the landscape and cultural diversity of Old Europe.

In 2008 the University of New Hampshire invited me because they need a senior-scientist for their Organic Dairy Research position. Was 5 days there, atmosphere more British and see have tried to put themselves in perspective.

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