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Guru Geri on Samoa

In 2001 Klaudia, Ayla and I visited Heiko on Samoa. It was the farthest trip for all of us. We flew 24 hours. The vacation was very necessary after the first half year Trenthorst, even if my nerves were not very relaxed, because I still had half a year probation period until the end of November. But it didn't matter, driving away is important and in the end it didn't have any effect. But I always had to go to an internet cafe to see if I was already fired.
Samoa is exactly the kind of landscape you would expect from the South Sea Islands. Life is simple because everything is there. Coconuts, fish and shells. People live in paradise. Unfortunately, many are too fat, want rather our prosperity and are not particularly active. With Heiko and Chantal it was very pleasant. We went to see many things, lived with them for two weeks. Were still two weeks on Savai'i, where we slept in Fales directly at the beach. Diving is the best on the islands. Most beautiful coral reefs and fish. Ayla and Kim still rave about it.

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