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Guru Geri in Cameroon

In April 2016 I was on a business trip with Stefan Schulze (GIZ Ethiopia) to Arne Schuffenhauer, the executive director of the Green Innovation Centres in Cameroon. We stayed there for 5 days and drove from Yaounde to the northwest to Dschang and Bamenda (400 km) to his project area in the mountains (1700 m asl). The country was very green, compared to Ethiopia, fewer construction sites in the cities and better developed, but: nothing moves anymore, the kleptomania of the government and corruption have strangled everything. So I was happy to work in Ethiopia.

In 2023, I was in Cameroon at the river bank of the Sangha River, on my trip from Brazzaville to Dzanga Sangha. Was just a short lunch stop, but feet were on the ground in the country.

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