That's my life ...

Guru Geri, the Activist 

 I started my active life in action groups in 1978 with 16 years. As member of the evangelic-lutherian church I became trained in youth group work and joined the East Frisian evangelic third world group of "Brot fuer die Welt". Coming from a remote farm and have never seen more the the next 20 km surroundings of my home (without TV and Internet, only Radio and newspaper, no books at home - except telephone numbers book), I was shocked about the problems of the world (we were working on the issue of Ethiopia famine). I have started to become more active in NGOs and even politics. 

After the Tschernobyl desaster 1986, I became member of the Green party (Goettingen), and was nearly 30 years in communal parliaments (Kreistag Goettingen 1989-1991; Gemeinde Gleichen 1993-2000; Stadt Bad Oldesloe 2003-2013, Kreistag Stormarn 2008-2023).In the party I was in many working groups: for example in the state Lower Saxony working group Agriculture from 1989-1991 and in the state Schleswig Holstein in the party advisory board from 2008-2010. 

Some Green Party pictures:

Besides this main political activity I am member of NGOs like NABU (Nature protection association), Organic farming association Bioland e.V., Slow Food association, Landschaftspflegeverband Goettingen e.V., Landwege e.V. and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baeuerliche Landwirtschaft e.V. (ABL).