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Guru Geri in China (PRC)

I had a bilateral project with China in 2004 and 2005 with the Chinese Agricultural University in Beijing. I flew to Beijing with Herwart Böhm in October, we did a week workshop there on biogas and then Klaudi joined. With our Counter parts we made a great tour through China. Have been on the Great Wall, have made a flight to Chongming to see projects in the highlands at the Laos border, have been in Shangri La, the second Lhasa with the Daila Lama of the Chinese, have ridden in the Tibetan mountains, have seen exciting cities and cultures. Two weeks were so full that a two-month holiday trip would suffice. A very exciting country with so many sides and nice people. We really liked it. What the future looks like for this country is also not clear to us: so many problems: Water, air, fields are heavily used (environmental pollution), there are so many people and so much social backlog demand. However, Beijing is showing its traditional and modern side, which is not inferior to any western city. But there is only one way recognizable in the metropolises; the masses of people do not participate in development.

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  • In 2013 he made a one-day stopover in Beijing on a trip to North Korea. The city (and certainly the whole country) has evolved incredibly. But I didn't see much of the city.
  • 2015 a day in Shanghai on the way from Addis Ababa to Seoul.