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Guru Geri in Austria

Austria was for me the land of traditional costumes and folk music, certainly not to go there. On my first visit to Austria it was a transit country on the way to Greece. In Salzburg I saw real mountains for the first time in 1982. I was very impressed by it. I wanted to hitchhike with Michael from Germany to Greece. That works also in Austria quite well, although we looked very long-haired. At that time hitchhiking was still very popular. We drove through Austria without much influence: to Klagenfurt, to enter Yugoslavia.
This has remained also with the second journey to Greece with Barbara and Sabine in 1983 (by train) and with Gundi in 1987 (with her beetle) so.
1987 I enrolled for a study in Vienna at the BoKu, especially because there was a year longer BAFÖG for one year abroad. That was important, especially because we wanted to build a farm in Bischhausen. Every mark was very popular. That's why I haven't been to Vienna so often. I lived with Thomas, who had a small apartment. I liked Austria much better now, especially the city of Vienna. The Heurigen pubs were very attractive and I liked the mountains. In the summer of 1988 I went with Gerold Eckhard to the alpine pasture that Thomas managed. It was only a young livestock, but very idyllic. There I felt like the mountains that have remained to this day.
Since these finally positive experiences I have often been in Austria. 1994 (with Heiko Bammann), 1995 (with Michael) and 1997 (with Klaudia) I was in the "Steinernen Meer", on a mountain hike from Berchtesgarden. 1998 have been as WG (Jogi, Betti, Klaudi, me) three days in the Hochtauern hiking. In 2004 I was there with Klaudia and the children (and Anna-Lea and Henrik) in Austria for one week on holiday (camping at the lake, holiday flats), in 2002 for two lectures at farmers in Imst and Insbruck, once for a conference in Vienna (7.WiTa ÖL 2003). On trips to Switzerland we also drove regularly through Austria and then Lichtenstein. In 2005 I flew with Klaudi to Salzburg for five days to hike in the mountains. I learned to love the country after all. It is probably also due to the age.
In January 2007 I had a lecture at the BioAustria farmer days in Wels. The event was in a castle, nice people. I spent two days there. Return trip was in a snow catastrophe, which unfortunately prevented you from driving over the Czech Republic. In July 2007 I spent some days with my family on holiday at Lake Millstätter See and Lake Neusiedl. In October 2007 a lecture in Vienna at the Freiland-Tagung an der Boku.
Also in 2008 for 4 days at the Bio-Austria-Tage in Wels, a conference in Vienna (BoKu), and in summer 08 holidays in Imst and Neusiedl (4 days). 
In 2009 I was briefly in Vienna and in the summer on the passage to the Alp (CH) in Bregenz. In 2010 I was twice in Vienna, passing through Georgia (trip 125). The flight had such a long waiting time that a whole day in the city was worth it. 2012 via Bregenz through Austria to Switzerland. 2013 two days in Wels as a speaker at the Bio Austria Days and during my cure in Oberstdorf half a day spent in the Kleines Walsertal. In July one week in the Großer Walsertal (trip abroad 151), in Sankt Gerold in the Probstei, which is located in the Friesental. Gerold was a Saxon and in 960 the area was assigned to him. In October once again 3 days in Austria (Vienna, Styria) on goat and sheep farms with BioAustria and Vier Pfoten. On the way back from Dubai the International Sheep and Goat Conference landed in Vienna and in Wels. Thus 4 x in Austria in one year 2013. 2015 with Klaudia from Bratislava via Vienna to Eichbach, in order to go after one overnight stay further to Slovenia. 2016 once over the mountain Karwendel near Mittenwald to Austria. 2018 several times over the border and to Salzburg during a cure in Bad Reichenhall. 2022 I passed Austria with Klaudia by car to drive from Garmisch to Meran, Italy. In 2023, I passed Austria from a tour to Monaco.

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