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Guru Geri in Iran

In May 2014 invited with Klaudi to an eco-conference (300 participants!) in Tehran. Spent a week in the country. Previously, the image was that Iran suffers under the embargo, all women are oppressed and it has an Arab-like society. It quickly became clear, however, that these expectations and reality differed more than ever before in any journey: a modern country, good infrastructure, women open and proud, despite headscarf (loose), lots of laughter, dancing, eating, talking. We were deeply impressed by the hospitality and the beauty of the country. We only got to know Teheran, Shiraz, Persiopolis and a valley region 200 km southeast of Shiraz. 

  • The other international guests also had this impression: Andre Leu (IFOAM president), Gerald and Mildet Hermann with child (Organic Services), Marco Schlüter (IFOAM EU), Jörg Demuth (organic cosmetic), Frank Rumpe (Bio Suisse), Jim Riddle (US organic). 
  • We spent 5 days intensively together, talked a lot and saw a lot. Always the best food, exciting restaurants and historical sites, the nicest hosts who paid for everything and good hotels. Negative was only the discussion with Parviz about his doctoral thesis, which unfortunately was not well written and he was therefore very disappointed.  
  • In 2016 I was in Iran for the second time, for 5 days in Tehran and Isfahan. There ISOFAR world board meeting and International Organic research conference. Was again very exciting, great country. Unfortunately without Klaudia.
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