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Guru Geri in France

The first time in 1983 on the way to Portugal was in France. Then also in Grenoble with Barbara, where we visited an acquaintance. Have still been in Alp d'Huez. Much the same on that French is important for understanding but my 4 years Realschul-Französisch here were not enough. Was in the eighties still twice in Paris. Beautiful country, if the French weren't here. In Paris to the museums, the churches, the Eiffel Tower and Mont Matre. As an organic wine trade in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Langedoc Roussillon wine purchased. Were always fast tours: there, wine tasting, buying (truck way), away.

  • My first visit to France in 1983 in Grenoble on the mountains in Alp d'Huez with Barbara.
  • In the nineties often been in France. Had 2 x teaching assignments at Clermont Ferrant University (sustainability), where I flew for a week to teach in English about organic farming and nature conservation. At a NAHWOA conference in C.F. again.
  • Project meetings for EU projects in Avignon (former pope city, very beautiful and VERY expensive) and Marseille. I drove with an Australian farmer travel group from Paris over some excursion stations through Northern France. I got to know Paris quite well, because as a travel guide I should know that.
  • 2012 in Paris one day, when the flight to Seychelles means a longer stay. 2014 because of a photo for my book "World of Food and Farming" shortly to France (Catenom).
  • 2021 in Rennes to join the Organic World Congress. On the way back I stopped in Amiens to see one of the most impressive cathedrals in France.
  • in 2023 I passed France on my way from Italy to Monaco. 
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