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Guru Geri in Greece

The first trip to Greece I made with Michael by thumb in 1982, Greece had just become a member of the EU and still very poor (27% in agriculture). Now it should be the "Florida of Europe": Tourism. In Thessaloniki we slept at the harbour, like so many other backpackers. There the Greek wine very much awarded. From Thessaloniki then to Thasos on the island, which inspired me very much, the beautiful mountains, the water and the fish. Slept on the beach and celebrated. In Alexandroupolis we enjoyed the wine tasting and then on to Turkey.
The second tour with Barbara and Sabine went to Athens 1983 in February. We wanted to go to Asia and thought Athens would be the best place. In Athens we tried to get a ticket to Thailand, they got it from Aeroflot. The only problem was that we could only get the ticket if we had a visa for Moscow. But the visa was only available with the ticket. We were back and forth between the flight office and the embassy for a week every day until we went on a sit-down strike. Then we went. In Athens it was surprisingly cold, there was even snow on the orange trees.

  • The next trip to Greece in 1988 was with Gundi in the car from Thessaloniki to Turkey. This was rather unspectacular.
  • In the nineties I was three times to a project meeting (goat project with the local university) in Thessaloniki and at the coast (Chalkidike). Once Klaudia was there, otherwise I was alone. Then once again with Klaudia, Ayla and Kim at a conference on the Peloponnese in Nafplio, where we spent another week on the beach with Regine and Maja. Since it was still winter, the beaches were empty, the villages dead and still quite cool. But we went for a swim. 
  • In Athens I was then still twice alone to meetings in EU projects. The city is quite great, above all at 24.00 o'clock in the old part of town. On one tour we drove to the mountainous area in the north, where the castles are on the mountain tops (Pertuli near Trikala). The landscape there is great. To the old ruin cities like Thebes and others.
  • 2021 I spent my holidays with Klaudia, Kim Alexander and his girl friend Jasmin on Crete for 10 days. The island was not very much maintained and dirty.
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