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Guru Geri in Spain

  • The first time I was in Spain was in 1983 with Barbara on the way to Portugal. We hitchhiked over France, Andorra. At the Costa Brava we found the mass tourism rather disgusting, Barcelona was exciting, Madrid also rather boring (Spain was not yet in the EU and just to Franko). 
  • In the nineties I have been with Klaudia three times on the Canary Islands, which also belong to Spain. The first trip we made in 1992 with Ayla to Las Palmas. There we had a nice apartment and I could recover from the trip to Sudan. 
  • One year later Klaudi, Ayla, Kim with Michael and Steffi flew again to Las Palmas. Now we had an old Finka as accommodation. We had the old house and Michi and Steffi (pregnant) the new one. Was not exactly fair. Steffi wasn't exactly a travel companion who wanted adventure and group life. Michael always had to cushion her mood. Klaudi and I had our work with two small children. So the trip was more a change of place than relaxation. Otherwise the island is very beautiful.
  • The third time on the Canary Islands we were on Lanzerote and Forteventura, where Klaudia and I flew without children in 1997. We recovered for a week.
  • Officially I had to go to Madrid in 2004. The city has become completely different. I was on tour with the department manager BMELV Wollersheim, was allowed to sleep in the 5-star hotel and we had a good visiting program organic farming.
  • In 2018 I was twice in Spain. In March for some days in Barcelona (and on the way to Andorra), and in November made a stopover in Madrid for one night.
  • In 2023 I visited Daniel Neuhoff in his summer residence in the county of Valencia, together with Klaudia. It was a gread time and we enjoyed the good shape and beauty of the area. We visited Alermia ("plastic land" 80 km2 for greenhouse vegetable production, biggest in Europe (world?)). And we have seen Alhambra, marvelous, including the citrus tree in the palace and the historical vegetable garden in the castle. 
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