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Guru Geri in Czech Republic

In my youth I was very active in youth work in Reepsholt. I was also active with Brot für die Welt and attended many seminars in Asel, the youth education centre of the Protestant Church. With the Landesjugendring I went to Prague in April 1980 to the cold Eastern Bloc. Visiting these countries was not easy at that time, in Brezhnev's time, and usually only went as a group trip. 20 young people from Lower Saxony took part in the trip, including Stefan Wenzel, with whom I lived in Göttingen and Bischhausen for almost 10 years and with whom I still have a lot of contact.
The theme was reconciliation. First we went to Dachau to the former concentration camp. It was very depressing. Then we drove over the border to Prague, I don't remember the trip there very much, it was probably not spectacular. But in Prague we enjoyed the city very much. The Prague Castle impressed me very much, I had not seen such an old and comprehensive building before. On the Charles Bridge we had deep conversations with Stefan Wenzel and in the jazz pubs we drank real Pilsen Pilsner Pilsner Pilsner, lots of alcohol and very tasty. It was a funny and exciting week. I brought me a tambourine and some books from the shops, incredibly cheap.

After the opening of the iron belt in 1991 and the membership in the EU I have been 2007 and 2015 in Czech Republic (Prag and passing to South-East Europe).

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