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Guru Geri in Lithuania

  • In 2006 from Riga (Latvia) to Lithuania by bus to Siauliai. Although only 123 km, the trip lasted 3 hours. The city was as exciting as Karl-Marx-Stadt right after the fall of the Wall. After 2.5 hours back to Riga.
  • In 2008 I was with Klaudi by car in Lithuania in Vilnius, where I had a lecture at the EAAP 2008. I really liked the city. Were coming into the country via Belarus.
  • 2017 with Klaudi 3 days in the Baltic States, by plane to Riga, by car to Lithuania and Estonia.
  • 2019: passing Lithuania after Kaliningrad (Kurische Nehrung) to Riga and back to Warsaw. (2 days)
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