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Guru Geri in Italy

  • First time in Italy in 1983 in the Dolomites. Then again in the nineties, but very often. Have visited Rome about 6 times: FAO, projects, ENEA. I also travelled a lot in the surroundings, in the mountains, the coasts etc.. I drove more often by car through Italy. I have been to Pisa three times: Project meeting with Gianluca.
  • In Florence I have been twice, once in transit, once a week in 2001 at a conference. Otherwise vacation with Kids and Klaudi in Venice, the mountains and the coast. 
  • Been in Trieste in 2004. Very beautiful country, good attitude towards life, Rome I like very much, the most beautiful city I know. Everywhere deepest history. 
  • In 2007 I was in Rome between the years with Kids and Klaudia. Was very beautiful. In summer we are already from Switzerland via Meran (Ötzi) to Austria (was once again beautiful in South Tyrol). 
  • 2008 at an IFOAM conference in Modena (there was also something in Bologna). 
  • In June 2009 I was at the FAO in Rome for 2 days to talk to others about organic farming. 
  • In 2015 and 2016 I was for ISOFAR in Rome, with Klaudia. I gave lectures and walked the city. 
  • 206th trip: In 2018 I held the ISOFAR world board meeting on Capri. I stayed there for 5 days, including one day in Naples. 
  • 2019 for four days at the FAO. 
  • 2022 I spent 3 days in Meran, in autumn, to relax and hike, with Klaudia.
  • 2023 I was on my tour to Monaco three days in Italy, together with Klaudia. We spend one night in Verraza, with 36 °C and not nice beach live. On the way back we spent 2 days in the Alpine mountains, in Madecimo, hiking.

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