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Guru Geri in Morocco

In July 2019 I was my first time in Morocco, in Marrakech, to prepare a workshop on LandLessFood, taking place in November. While this preparation I made a tour to the phosphate mines and the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, 70 km north of Marrakech, in the city of Ben Guerir. It was amazing what money of the phosphate company OCP (global player in phosphate) has initiated in few years (inauguration in 2018). The UM6P had excellent equipment, waiting for scientists and students. On the road I saw the impact of the invasive cochineal on the vast opuntia plants (prickly pears). 

In November I was second time in Morocco for 8 days, attending an Organic conference, ISOFAR board meeting and LandLessFood workshop. One day visit of Berber villages in the Atlas mountains, and an excursion to the phosphate mines of OCP.

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