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Guru Geri in Lesotho

In 1997 I went to Lesotho with Prof. Tawfik, the head of my university in Kassel. From Johannesburg to Maseru we took a bush plane, which couldn't take all booked passengers due to lack of fuel. Two Japanese had to believe it. In Maseru we explored the country with Peter Gilles. He had a DED job at an agricultural school.
We were at the Katze Dam, which was supposed to supply the water for Johannesburg. A gigantic project in a completely backward area in the mountains. Must have been like a leap from the Stone Age to the Atomic Age for the people living there. Were there riding horses, looking at cave paintings and tombs. A very beautiful country.

With doctoral student and Prof. Tawfik on experimental fields of the agricultural school in Maseru in 1997.

In 2019 I spent another day in Lesotho, this time with Klaudi, from Pietermaritzburg up the Sani Pass (very nice). At 2900 m a great view of South Africa.

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