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Guru Geri in Indonesia

In November 2009 I was in Indonesia for 11 days, 6 days on Java (Bogor and Jakarta) and 5 days in Palu on Sulawesi. In Bogor I was invited speaker at the International Seminar of Animal Industry with the topic "Global Markets for Organic Animal Products - Chances and risks". I received the prize for the best lecture (there is no such thing normally, but if I get it, it's good too). The people are very nice. Bogor has a beautiful but a bit degenerate botanical garden and full streets. Since rainy season was, everything humid-warm. A lot of time spent in cafe-bars.
On Sulawesi in Palu Wolfram Lorentz and Arno Wielgoss visited. Wolfram was the coordinator of the 9-year STORMA project (SFB of the DFG, Uni Gö and Uni Kassel). The project tries to explore the rainforest margins: Land use pressure and climate change. Due to mismanagement of the management the project has unfortunately fallen into disrepute. The great infrastructure is shut down, because the project was terminated because of the éclat. It's a pity for the local people who put so much effort into it. With Arno and Wolfram I went to the project areas: Cocoa plantations in the rainforest, traditional rice cultures along the national park and in the houses where a tourist is not normally. I didn't meet any other foreigners. Day hikes in the rainforest.
In 2017 I was on Indondesia for 19 days: with Klaudia to relax in Bali and to the Organic in the Tropics Conference in Jogjakarta, Java.

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