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Guru Geri in United Kingdom

It was quite late - in 1996 - that I came to Great Britain for the first time, at a project meeting of EQULFA in Ayr, Achincruive on the west coast of Scotland. Then again at another EQULFA meeting in the UK, in Loch Lommond area near Glasgow. 
1999 with Klaudia and the Kids holidays in Great Britain via England to Scotland and back with camping or B&B. It was a really great tour. We spent a week with Jerry Laker. 

  • 2005 with Alexander Müller as BMVEL Secretary of State in Wales and London. 4 stars in London are no better than 3 stars in DE. Have visited Soil Association, Elm-Farm and Sheep drove. High society was present.
  • Another trip went to Scotland, Edinburgh in 2006. There was the eco-conference. The conference was boring and not very informative. With Hans-Marten Paulsen, Ewald Schnug and Silvia Haneklaus visited the pubs and a round trip through the Highlands south of Edinburgh, which was very nice.
  • In 2007 I spent two days in Newcastle and two days in London with Klaudia and the kids. Were in London eye etc. London is fascinating. 
  • In May 2009 I went to Newcastle for 3 days to the kick-off meeting of our first big EU project for Trenthorst (LowInputBreeds). I spent the night in town and met at the university's Nafferton farm.
  • 2014 2 stops at Heathrow Airport.
  • 2017 one day in London, in the Museum of Nature, in Kensington, Hyde Park, on the way to Namibia. With Klaudia
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